International cooperation
12 Feb
RUDN presents a new model of international cooperation - cluster approach

February 5, at the “Rossiia Segodnya” International Information Agency, RUDN presented a new model of international cooperation - the cluster approach. Why is Italy among the top three countries in terms of the number of contractual students, what specialties are sought for in Russia, where and how to find talented foreign applicants - these topics were on the agenda of the press conference “Cluster approach as a new export model for Russian education”.

07 Feb
Hepatologists in the UK, USA and Russia propose methods for early diagnosis of cirrhosis and liver cancer

February 5, RUDN hosted a seminar "Modern Advances in Ultrasound and Magnetic Resonance Research in the Diagnosis of Liver Diseases", which was attended by practicing hepatologists, gastroenterologists, endocrinologists, and ultrasound diagnostics doctors. Lorenzo Manneli, a professor at Cambridge University (UK) and New York University (USA), shared his experience with colleagues.

International cooperation
07 Feb
RUDN launches the “Volunteering in Solving the UN Sustainable Development Goals” Winter School

February 7, 40 students from leading universities in Russia and the Republic of Korea met at the university at the “Youth Dialogue” Forum of the “Dialogue Russia - Republic of Korea”

International cooperation
07 Feb
RUDN opened the first in Russia "International Club of Employers"

The first general meeting of the International Club of Employers (ICE) brought together representatives of business, higher education and young professionals. More than 2,000 employers from 28 countries supported the idea of the club. On the agenda: monitoring of the labor market, employment of foreign graduates and expansion of the list of employers.

06 Feb
RUDN is developing partnerships with Medis pharmaceutical company (Tunisia)

RUDN Center for Collective Use (CCU) begins joint development in the field of pharmacy and personnel training with Medis. The parties discussed issues of cooperation during the visit of Rimma Abramovich, director of the CCU, to the company's plant in Tunisia.

About RUDN
05 Feb
Vladimir Filippov, Rector of RUDN congratulates on the 59th anniversary of the University

Every year in early February, the University of peoples’ friendship celebrates its birthday. Since 1960, much has changed - we have our own campus, we have released more than 100,000 professionals, and the number of countries has increased from 47 to 157!

30 Sep - 4 Oct
Mathematical modelling in biomedicine
The conference will present the state of the art in mathematical modelling in biomedicine including cardiovascular diseases, cancer modelling, mathematical oncology. Methods of modelling and mathematical analysis of the corresponding models will also be discussed.
25 - 27 Apr
XX International conference “Modern Issues of Environmental Management Ecology”
The conference is annually attended by experienced and beginning scientists from various subjects of the Russian Federation (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Altai Territory, Arkhangelsk Oblast, Trans-Baikal Territory, Udmurt Republic, Tyumen Oblast, and many others), as well as from near and far abroad (Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus, Armenia, Indonesia, Ecuador and many others).
Direction: Science
Event format: Сonference
22 - 26 Apr
The Fifth International Scientific Conference “Advances in Synthesis and Complexing”
19 Apr
International Conference on Journalism, PR and Media Trends. Media and Сommunication
For the last few years, due to the increases in active information and communication technologies adoption, mass media activities have considerably changed in their organization and nature. Digitalization processes have marked the beginning of a new era of mass media and communication development. The approaches to creating, disseminating and analyzing media texts have changed significantly.
Direction: Education
Event format: Сonference
19 Feb
On ellipticity of operators, associated with metaplectic group
The first part of the talk is devoted to defining the metaplectic group, presenting its properties and applications. In the second part, we define the symbol of considered operators and establish the finiteness theorem.
16 - 17 Feb
Russian national round of International Negotiation Competition for law students will take place at the RUDN University
Direction: Education
Event format: Competition
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