27 Feb
RUDN University agrochemist visualised how plants get phosphorus from the soil

RUDN University soil scientists were able to visualise for the first time the activity of the phosphatase enzyme in the soil surrounding the roots of a plant by simultaneously using zymography and a fibre optic acidity sensor. This helped them to see how the plants “adjust” their root system to the environment. The study was published in the journal Soil Biology and Biochemistry.

21 Feb
Tutors for talented students

International students with high grades will be assigned tutors from among teachers to help in building an individual educational plan, show them ways in research activities, and provide psychological and pedagogical support.

19 Feb
Professional negotiators: an international competition among law students “INC-Russia 2020” starts at RUDN

February 19, the opening ceremony of the international negotiating competition among law students “INC-Russia 2020” took place. 4 days teams will compete in the art of argumentation. Also, leading world experts will perform master classes for students.

International cooperation
17 Feb
Shoulder to shoulder with the whole world: new horizons for cooperation

RUDN University welcomes guests: delegations from all over the world are congratulating the University on its anniversary and strengthening friendship by new joint projects.

Life in RUDN
17 Feb
60 years’ achievements: how RUDN celebrated its anniversary

RUDN has entered a new decade ... February 8, in the State Kremlin Palace it gathered its faithful companions - graduates, teachers, students, staff and friends. Read about the nostalgic memories, meeting with old friends, love for Alma Mater and the succession of graduates generations.

14 Feb
RUDN University bioengineers have created nanocontainers for targeted drug delivery

RUDN University bioengineers have created magnetic nanocontainers for “smart” delivery of drugs in the body. Thanks to them, the active substance enters only certain organs or tissues, which reduces the risk of side effects. In an experiment on mice, it was shown that nanocontainers are non-toxic and not dangerous. The results of the study are published in the journal Polymers.

3 Mar
Scientific seminar on the differential and functional differential equation “Feynman-Kac formulae for time fractional evolution equations”
The present talk serves as an introduction and an overview. We discuss the notion of anomalous diffusion, models of anomalous diffusion based on the use of Continuous Time Random Walks (CTRWs), evolution equations arising in such models.
3 Mar
Scientific seminar on functional analysis and its applications “On the properties of general Morrey-type spaces-III”
We will consider local and global generalized Morrey spaces, as well as their rearrangement invariant analogues.
3 Mar
Seminar on nonlinear problems of PDE and mathematical physics «Dynamics of the quantum state space which is generated by Cauchy problem for nonlinear Schrodinger equation»
We study the Cauchy problem for nonlinear Schrodinger equation whose coordinate space is the segment.
5 Mar
Postgraduate Mathematical Seminar “The fundamental theorem of calculus for Banach space-valued functions”
Topic: The fundamental theorem of calculus for Banach space-valued functions
5 Mar
Scientific seminar “Geometric combinatorics, commutative algebra and algebraic topology-IV”
At the seminar we will continue to study the following classical concepts and constructions of geometric combinatorics, commutative algebra and algebraic topology..
5 Mar
Seminar on mathematical modeling in biology and medicine “Neural field models and brain stimulation”
We will discuss neural field models and wave propagation in the brain cortex.
Our team does not need any team building techniques, we all know what is required of us, and everyone does everything for the result. During the time spent side by side in the gym, we have all become friends and help each other.
Andrey Andreev
captain of RUDN men's power lifting team
Author :
RUDN University
Luque Alvarez De Sotomayor Rafael
Director of the Scientific Center for Molecular Design and Synthesis of Innovative Compounds for Medicine
Director of RUDN Scientific Center of the Joint Institute of Chemical Research is among the most cited scientists in the world
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