Smart and Sustainable Cities Conference (SSC-2020)
Smart and Sustainable Cities Conference (SSC-2020)
8 - 10 Jul
Mikluho-Maklaya Str., 8/2, Moscow 117198, Russia
Contact person
Vyacheslav Vasenev
About the event

Dear colleagues!

We invite you to participate in the annual scientific and practical conference, which will be held on July 8-10, 2020. The main conference’s organizer is Department of landscape design and sustainable ecosystems (Agrarian and Technological Institute of RUDN University).

Teachers and experts in the field of ecology, nature management, soil science, urban sustainability are invited to participate.

Main topic of the conference: Advanced technologies for sustainable development of urban green infrastructure. The conference considered as an open discussion platform, including not only the research community, but also municipal services working in the field of urban management and landscaping.

Language: English, Russian




  1. Monitoring and assessment of tree health and stability in cities.
  2. Urban climate and air quality (PEEX "Pan-Eurasian Experiment" Session).
  3. Soil-water-atmosphere interactions in cities.
  4. Assessment, modelling and mappings urban ecosystem services.
  5. Soil quality assessment for sustainable management of urban soil resources.
  6. Biogeochemical cycles in urban soils and ecosystems.
  7. Urban farming: challenges and perspectives.
  8. Health risks in urban environment.

Round tables


  • T1. New techniques in monitoring urban infrastructure: from science to policy-makers.
  • T2. Advance technologies for sustainable urban development: from science to practioners. 
  • T3. Excellences and knowledge gaps in urban sustainability: from science to education.


  • April 15 2020 – deadline for abstract submission for oral presentations
  • May 1 2020 – abstract approval and decision on the presentation type (oral/poster)
  • June 1 2020 – deadline for abstract submission for posters
  • June 1 2020 – deadline for registration and subscribing for post-congress tours

Authors may send their materials in advance – in .ppt or .pdf formats to e-mail:


Organizing committee:


  • Filippov Vladimir (RUDN) 
  • Vasenev Viacheslav (RUDN) 
  • Dovletiarova Elvira (RUDN) 
  • Valentini Riccardo (RUDN/Tuscia University)
  • Samuilov Konstantin (RUDN) 
  • Voskresensky Leonid (RUDN) 
  • Brykova Ramilla (RUDN) 
  • Fedorova Tatiana (RUDN) 
  • Vasenev Ivan (RUDN/Rsau-Mtaa) 
  • Matasov Viktor (RUDN) 
  • Konstantinova Anastasia (RUDN) 
  • Ivashchenko Kristina (RUDN/Ras) 
  • Cnernyshova Marina (LMSU) 
  • Demina Sophiya (RUDN) 
  • Paltseva Anna (CUNY) 
  • Dolgikh Andrey (IG RAS) 
  • Romzaykina Olga (RUDN) 
  • Yaroslvatsev Alex (RSAU-MTAA/Cmcc) 
  • Williams Morgan (Berkley) 
  • Konstantinov Pavel (LMSU) 
  • Plyushchikov Vlad (RUDN) 
  • Petrovskaya Polina (RUDN) 
  • Morin Tatiana(USI) 
  • De Martino Mario (RUDN) 
  • Ryazanov Alexey(RUDN) 
  • Korneykova Marya (RUDN/Krs) 
  • Slukovskaya Marina (RUDN/Krs) 
  • Gavrichkova Olga (RUDN/Cnr) 
  • Bryanskaya Inna (RUDN) 
  • Geraskin Ivan (Healthy Forest Ltd) 
  • Antsiferov Aleksei (Healthy Forest Ltd)
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