Development of methods of directed synthesis for complex metal compounds with polyfunctional organic ligands with useful properties

Used 2 pieces of equipment

Benchtop Dual-Channel Spectrometer SpinSolv Carbon
An optical device used in spectroscopic studies to accumulate a spectrum, its quantitative processing and subsequent analysis using various analytical methods. The decomposed spectrum is obtained by recording the fluorescence after exposure to the substance under the test with radiation (X-ray or laser radiation, spark action, etc.). Essentially, this device measures the intensity and energy (wavelength, frequency) of radiation and other characteristics can be recorded, for example, the polarization state. The term “spectrometer” is applied to devices operating in a wide range of wavelengths: from gamma to infrared range.
X-ray powder diffraction apparatus DRON-7
The device is designated for X-ray diffraction analysis to specify material compositions.