Development of methods of directed synthesis for complex metal compounds with polyfunctional organic ligands with useful properties

In project 5 participants

RUDN, Doctor of Chemistry, Professor Functions: writing of scientific articles, publications, participation in workshops, development of project strategy Area of expertise: non-empirical quantum chemistry
RUDN, Ph. D in Chemistry, associate professor Functions: studies of coordination compounds of metals with various nitro derivatives of heterocycles Area of expertise: coordination chemistry
RUDN, Ph.D in Chemistry, Senior Lecturer Functions: studies of coordination compounds of certain heterocyclic azo derivatives. Area of expertise: chemistry of coordination compounds
RUDN, post-graduate student Functions: studies of catalyst modification in dehydrogenation reactions of propanol Area of expertise: catalytic chemistry
RUDN, Master’s Degree Student in the Department of General Chemistry Functions: studies of chemical bonds in cations of aromatic molecules Area of expertise: chemistry of aromatic compounds.