Information about the defended postgraduate students

Galina Shulzhenko
Country: Russia
Year of protection: 1992
Research topic: “Request” and the accompanying it speech etiquette formulas (to the problem of the intentional meaning of speech etiquette units in the dialogical pragmatics)
Annotation to the dissertation:The paper deals with the scientific research of the speech etiquette formula “Request” and the accompanying it elements of the same system functioning within the frame of а dialogical unity. The analytical chapter is devoted to the pragmatic and semantic peculiarities of the speech etiquette formulas implementing request intention. The thesis represents intentional analysis of “request” explicating different variants of speech act aims. The results of the research can be applied to composing of lecture courses on lexicology, stylistics, intercultural communication, translation and translation studies. The material for practical research as well as the methods of analysis can be used at seminars devoted to different aspects of communicative linguistics and while practicing oral English speech at linguistic schools and high school departments.

Irina Ballod
Country: Russia
Year of protection: 2008
Research topic: Antecedentless English Constructions as Expressive Means of Language and Speech.
Annotation to the dissertation: EThe major topic of the thesis encompasses a number of interdependent themes of syntax and discourse The descriptive and analytical chapters are devoted to the syntactic structure of antecedentless English constructions introduced by what or the combination «preposition+ what», their functional and semantic paradigms in the scientific prose, social-political texts and in the language of belles-lettres The research also represents the analysis of the ability of these constructions to create a special effect or feeling, that makes speeches, essays etc more emphatic and lively The results of the research can be applied to composing lecture courses on syntax, phraseology and styhstics of the English language. They also can be used at seminars devoted to improving the quality of speech synthesized for a variety of tasks that require not just the transmission of information, but also the expression of affect.

Elena Burina
Country: Russia
Year of protection: 2016
Research topic: Methods of projecting linguo-didactic environment to learn foreign language speech act (French as a second foreign language; language university)
Annotation to the dissertation:The thesis theoretically justifies, projects and develops scientific and methodical linguo-didactic environment for teaching speech communication in French as a second foreign language for graduate students of linguistic specialties and proves methods of use of its means, technologies, resources and tools. Linguo-didactic potential of the real language environment was identified and described. An environmental concept of learning a second foreign language (French) in a Russian university with the use of modern information and communication technologies was created. The list of modern teaching tools of the French language in Russian university was composed. Extrapolation of theoretical and practical achievements of linguo-didactic tests in French (DELF / DALF) was implemented in the training system of the second foreign language (French) to students of linguistic specialties. Methodical system, aimed at the formation of communicative abilities of bilingual students of linguistic specialties was formed. Educational-methodical complexes for learners of French as a second foreign language «Practical Course of the Second Foreign Language», «Foreign Language Speech Standards», «Business Communication Language» and «Speech Activity of Society» were developed, tested and put into practice. Educational materials that were created in the course of the study and addressed to Russian students of linguistic specialties can be used in the system of teaching of a second foreign language for non-philological audience.