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Hotel Business and Tourism Institute
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Description of the Institute

The dynamic development of tourism worldwide required the training of high-level professionals. The Hotel Business and Tourism Institute of RUDN is engaged in such training for all countries of the world. Our students in the course of active and informative classes, business games, project activities master the fundamental knowledge about the basics of the industry, learn business ethics, master the management of enterprises, rules of business communications, networking and entrepreneurship.

The basis of training of specialists in the tourism industry is a practice-oriented approach that allows students to develop business plans of the tourism industry, innovative tourism and hotel products, assess the risks associated with the nomination of new offers and services and analyze the demand of consumers in the third or fourth year of study.

Hotel services, management of tourism enterprises, development of tourism products and many other applied professional disciplines are taught at the Institute. Up to 80% of graduates receive an offer of employment from the leading enterprises of the world tourism industry.

During the period of study at the Institute, students not only develop innovative products for the tourism market, but learn to assess the risks associated with the promotion of new proposals and services, to analyze consumer demand, they also gain experience in determining the benefits of new types of tourism products and services.

The Institute has created a unique multilingual environment. Along with the main specialty, during the entire period of study the English language is taught, and from the second year students can choose one or more foreign languages, including: Spanish, German, Italian, French, Chinese and Arabic and other languages. Some disciplines are taught in English by visiting professors from foreign specialized universities. Moreover, it is possible to present the final qualifying work in a foreign language. Our students have the opportunity to study under the additional program “Translator” and obtain a diploma in translation, which can be very important in the career of a specialist in the tourism industry.

Our students are in a special position, having the opportunity to communicate with their colleagues from many other countries every day, honing their language skills and plunging into the environment. Language internships to the London language school, Malta, language schools in France, Germany and Spain enhance the quality of training.

The Institute implements double degree programs with Universities of the CIS and foreign countries, including: Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, L. N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University, Yerevan State University, University of Seville, Technological University of Valencia, Lund University, Beijing University Business School and Guangdong University. After completion of training, the graduate receives two diplomas (RUDN and University partner). This practice significantly increases employment opportunities in any country of the world.

The training program includes practices in the largest organizations of the tourism industry, which will not only acquaint future professionals with real professional environment, work of enterprises in the industry, but also help in establishing useful contacts in the thematic market, will give the skill to communicate with carriers of different cultures. Students step by step, from course to course, are trained at all levels, starting with simple positions and completing top management positions.

Among our partners there are such branded enterprises as travel Agency “Coral Travel”, travel company “Muzenidis Travel”, travel company “SODIS”, LLC “Travel Systems Bohemia” (TRAVELSYSTEM), ANO “SOYUZEXPERTIZA” of the RF CCI, travel agency “Alvis +” and Russian Tourism Consulting, hotels Kempinski Hotels, Hilton Moscow Leningradskaya, Lotte Plaza, Marriott Hotels, The Ritz-Carlton, Azimut, Holiday Inn Intercontinental and many others.
Some students are trained in the state bodies of tourism management: The Federal Agency for Tourism and regional tourism management bodies.

The Institute cooperates with leading specialized international organizations, including World Association for Hospitality and Tourism Education and Training (AMFORHT, France), International Association Supporting Hospitality and Tourism Education and Training (EURHODIP, Belgium) and European Association of Hotel and Tourism Schools (AEHT, Luxembourg). The Institute is an associate member of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO, Spain), a member of the Eurasian Association of Travel Industry Specialists (ESOT, Russia).
Thanks to foreign partners, students of the Institute can realize themselves in the world market of tourism industry.

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7 Feb
Celebrating the 60th anniversary of RUDN University for graduates of the Institute of Hotel Business and Tourism
19 Nov - 5 Dec
Trainings, master classes on the "Hotel Service" program
15 Nov - 5 Dec
Trainings, master classes in the reception service of the RAMS hotel complex