27 Oct
RUDN University environmentalists teach to obtain bio-oil from microalgae

How to make money on wastewater and turn biological mass into clean energy? What is valorization of waste and sludge? How does this process relate to sustainable development? Dr. Kumar Vinod, professor at the Department of Life Sciences at Graphic Era University (India), spoke about water without treading water.

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18 Nov 2021
RUDN University became the first accredited body for validation and verification of greenhouse gases in Russia

RUDN University was the first to receive the right to validate and verify greenhouse gas emissions in Russia.

18 May 2020
“I spend about 14 hours a week on checking one assignment in one discipline. It’s almost 2 full working days, ” says Daria Kapralova, Ph.D. in biological sciences, senior lecturer, Department of Environmental Monitoring and Forecasting, RUDN University

06 Dec 2019
Zoi environment network expert tells students about climate change issues

Students of the Faculty of Ecology met with the expert on environmental protection of Central Asia of the organization “Zoi environment network” Aigerim Abdyzhaparova. During the master class, the guest spoke about sustainable development and the fight against climate change.

18 Nov 2019
Students of the Faculty of Ecology met with a representative of All-Union research and development centre Ecology

Graduate students of the Faculty of Ecology met with the main specialist of organizing the activities of All-Union research and development centre (VNII) Ecology, Angelica Burma. Students talked about their research projects and received tips on building a career.

08 Apr 2019
Radiation safety of the population: an expert told RUDN students about new developments, prospects for the development of the industry and employment

What is the radiation safety of the population today, what technologies do modern specialists work with and what qualities will help students of the Faculty of Ecology to succeed in the profession explains Julia Lukina, a graduate of the Faculty of Ecology, a representative of the Federal Medical Biophysical Center named after A.I. Burnazyan Federal Medical and Biological Agency of Russia. The master class “Radiation safety of the population: accumulated experience and new developments” was held on March 29.