Institute of Biology of the South Seas of RAS
Institute of Biology of the South Seas of RAS

The Institute of Biology of the South Seas is a scientific and environmental organization whose goals are to conduct research on biodiversity and the dynamics of the functioning and spatiotemporal variability of marine ecosystems, develop new biotechnologies and methods for integrated management of coastal zones of subcontinental seas, and monitor and rational use of marine resources in areas of biological, environmental, geographical and geological sciences, as well as from the study of the natural complex of the territory and the water area of the reserve and adjacent areas of southeastern Crimea.
We have been cooperating with the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia for several years. Our cooperation is to conduct practices for students of the Faculty of Ecology. I would like to emphasize the high level of theoretical and methodological training of students and graduates, ensuring the development of a positive experience of cooperation. At present, a graduate of the RUDN University is actively working and studying in graduate school at the Institute.
The plans for our cooperation with the Faculty of Ecology are conducting practices on the basis of our reserve for environmental students, and actively cooperating in joint scientific work. And in the future we hope for the activity, diligence and positive attitude of environmental students in joint work!

R.V. Gorbunov
Acting Director