29 Mar 2018
RUDN specialist tells about the impact of language identity on the choice of speech strategies in Internet advertising

19 - 22 March, Ksenia Popova (RUDN Faculty of Economics) delivered a report «The Impact of Language Identity on the Choice of Speech Strategies in Internet Advertising» at SGEM International Scientific Conferences on Social Sciences and Arts.

21 Mar 2018
Russian Journal of Linguistics in Scopus database

Vestnik Rossiiskogo Universiteta Druzhby Narodov. Seriya: Lingvistika / Russian Journal of Linguistics has been evaluated for inclusion in Scopus by the Content Selection & Advisory Board (CSAB). The review is now complete and the CSAB has advised that the journal will be accepted for inclusion in Scopus.

19 Mar 2018
Professor of Montpellier University delivers a lecture on ecologically safe approaches to biologically active compounds

13-17 March, 2018, professor F.Lamati, expert of Montpellier University Research Center for studying bio objects (France) delivered a lecture «Easy, easy: use mechanical force to make organometallics».

19 Mar 2018
Leading experts of the world discuss current issues of linguistics and the humanities at RUDN University

16 March, 2018, researchers from Great Britain, Spain, Greece, Italy, Germany, Bulgaria, Paraguay, Mauritania, Latvia, Moldova, China, Tunisia, Kazakhstan and Belarus for the 10th time got together in RUDN IFL to discuss the most burning issues and challenges of modern linguistics.

15 Mar 2018
RUDN expert tells about ecological risks management in RUSAL at an international conference in Oxford

7 — 9 March, one of the oldest colleges of Oxford University, St,Anne’s College hosted 7th International Conference on Industrial Technology and Management (ICITM 2018).

12 Mar 2018
RUDN students meet their opponents from Pittsburg University, Vyshinsky University and University of Parana in court

16 – 18 March, for the 11th time future lawyers met in Belgrade at the Belgrade Open International Commercial Arbitration Pre-Moot, where leading experts from Germany, France, Hong-Kong, Romania, Switzerland, Austria, USA and other countries assess students’ performances.

05 Feb 2018
Modernization of Russian education and science discussed at Professors’ Forum at RUDN

1 February, more than 1,000 representatives of Russian higher school, among them over 70 rectors of the leading universities, officials of the Ministry of education and science, representatives of Higher Attestation Commission and Russian Academy of Science came to RUDN to participate in the I Professors’ Forum to discuss university environment and economics of knowledge as the main resource of innovations in the country.

04 Feb 2018
RUDN experts to research karst ecosystems in Abkhazia

S.Mazina, associate professor of RUDN Ecological faculty, M.Chalma, Director of New Athos cave and R.Dbar, Head of the Institute of Ecology of Abkhazian Academy of Sciences agreed to research karst ecosystems, elaborate karst territories monitoring systems and diagnose the state of karst caves used for excursions.

22 Jan 2018
RUDN Engineering Academy expert tells about the results of researching high performance modified concrete

Galina Okolnikova, professor of the Department of architecture and construction of RUDN made a report on her research in the field of modern composite construction materials.

21 Dec 2017
First Laboratory of 5G and IoT forward research opens in Russia

14 December, RUDN Institute of Applied Mathematics and Telecommunications opened the first in Russia Laboratory of 5G and Internet of things forward research, that will be the major center for complex research of 5G nets and their applications. The laboratory will be a platform for joint research of mathematicians and engineers from Russia, USA, Switzerland, Finland and Czech.

20 Dec 2017
Medicinal drugs prototypes, innovative pharmaceutical production and search for medicines for Alzheimer - RUDN chemists open «Molecular design and synthesis of innovation compounds for medicine» scientific center

14 December, RUDN opened «Molecular design and synthesis of innovation compounds for medicine» scientific center, which is going to be the main site for joint collaboration of chemists looking for cheaper and more effective medicinal drugs and synthesis of new active substances.

28 Nov 2017
European experts suggested new approaches to regulating external migration

16-17 November, RUDN hosted an international round table «Issues of external migration and citizenship. Do we need new approaches?». Experts from Russia, Germany, Greece, France, Italy, Austria and Bulgaria gave an objective assessment to modern migration processes and suggested solutions.