Chemistry of the Future: Chemistry Students Meet with Lumiprobe Representative
Chemistry of the Future: Chemistry Students Meet with Lumiprobe Representative
Students of the Faculty of Science met with a representative of an international group of companies, Ivan Okhapkin.

During the meeting, students were told the stages of the company’s development. About the core competencies in chemistry, chemical technology, molecular biology and product development in these areas. In everyday life, the company manufactures and develops reagents and turnkey solutions for customers so that their research and development is most effective.

Students learned what activated esters, hydrazide derivatives of dyes, conjugation reagents and modifications through Click Chemistry, such as azides and alkynes, and much more.

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18 Dec 2019
Meeting with Aeroclub representatives at the IGBiT

On December 13, a meeting of graduate students of the Hotel and Tourism Institute with the representative of the Aeroclub company Julia Balakireva took place. Julia held a master class on business tourism.

13 Dec 2019
Brunel member of the International Club of Employers about work with students and graduates, internships and employment

On December 11, representatives of the international company Brunel held a master class for students of the Engineering Academy who are studying in 3-4 courses in the field of "Oil and Gas Business".

10 Dec 2019
The representatives of the company told students how to get into 1C

On December 9, a meeting with representatives of the 1C: Rarus company was held at the faculty of physical, mathematical and natural sciences. Leading HR Manager Aida Zakirova and Corporate Account Manager Maxim Vikulin spoke about prospects, career opportunities and internship programs.