Political discourse: RUDN students met with political experts at the press conference of the Russia Today MIA
Political discourse: RUDN students met with political experts at the press conference of the Russia Today MIA
On March 21, the Imperia Student Club attended a traditional press conference at the press center of MIA Russia Today. Students discussed the details of the presidential election campaign in Ukraine with political experts.

The aggravation of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine remains at the peak of attention among the public for 5 years. With each passing day, the situation in the presidential campaign escalates more and more: while the president of Ukraine pays visits to different cities of Ukraine, nationalists foil events demanding to prosecute Poroshenko. The reason for making demands was the story of large thefts in the country's defense complex. The aggravated situation was commented by the speakers of the last press conference. According to political analyst Rostislav Ishchenko, the actions of radicals and activists of the National Corps during the president’s speeches hit him hard by his rating, which is already low. The president is forced to leave events hastily. So, on March 11, Poroshenko hastily left the rally in Zhytomyr. The expert also made a resonant statement: in the upcoming elections, in his opinion, there will be no winner. The hatred of the people for the president will go through the roof. If Poroshenko wins, they will not hate him less. Yulia Tymoshenko’s anti-rating is similarly high. The difference between these candidates lies in the fact that the hatred of the people for Tymoshenko will begin to roll over not immediately, but after 2 weeks.

The expert emphasized that the new president would have the opportunity to come to power and retain it if the candidates had a common enemy who would “move towards Kiev,” for example, the “usurper” Yanukovych. Then they would unite against a common enemy, and after that they would again begin to "sort things out" among themselves.

In continuation of the previous discussion, an extraordinary thesis was put forward by the director of the New Ukraine Institute for Strategic Studies Andrei Ermolaev. In his opinion, Ukrainian politics do not need “pro-Russian” forces; Ukraine needs power that reflects civic interest and contributes to the formation of economic pragmatism. Ermolaev also emphasized that Ukraine and Russia need to restore "continental thinking."

At the end of the press conference, the speakers answered students' questions. So, the answer was answered to the question: “What will be the end of the upcoming action of the National Corps on March 23 in Kiev?”

The speakers suggested that the assault on the building of the presidential administration, a clash with the police is likely.

The upcoming master class was also announced, which will be held with the famous political scientist Vladimir Kornilov on March 28, 2019.

The traditional press conferences of the Imperia student club are held every Thursday at the press center of the MIA Russia Today. The organizer of the club is the editorial staff of MIA Russia Today and the Faculty of Philology of RUDN University. In the student club, students attend master classes of various media gurus, as well as receive knowledge and skills on career guidance. The organizers provide practical training for students of the Faculty of Philology of RUDN University, as well as provide opportunities for further employment. To join the club, we are waiting for your stories about yourself at: k.shvets@rian.ru

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