RUDN University students win prizes in the Russian round of International Negotiation Competition 2019
RUDN University students win prizes in the Russian round of International Negotiation Competition 2019
The students of the Law Institute of the RUDN University, as part of two teams, took part in the Russian round of competition among law students in International Negotiation Competition 2019 and won prizes: team RUDN-1 Albert Hulutdinov and Aknur Kulushov - 2nd place, team RUDN-2 Egor Zhernakov and Andrey Shakhmuradov - 3rd place. The coach of both teams is Kamo Chilingaryan, senior lecturer of the Department of Foreign Languages, RUDN Law Institute.

The Russian tour of the competition was held for the first time at RUDN University.

The sixth national round of INC in Russia was conducted for 8 teams: RUDN University, SSLA, MGIMO, Moscow State Law Academy and VSU. Within two weeks, the teams received training materials, which consisted of general information known to both parties of negotiations, as well as confidential. For two weeks, the teams studied the information received, developed tactics and practiced the skills of negotiation based on materials from previous years.

The teams of RUDN University conducted negotiations with the teams of the SSLA, VSU and MGIMO. On the first day, the teams had to reach an agreement on the sale of high-tech equipment. The difficulty of these negotiations according to the task was that the parties could not come to an agreement since both clients did not make the necessary concessions. Thus, the judges could assess how the teams behaved in a critical situation.

In the second round, the parties had to agree on the terms of the lease agreement. Some judges said that the round of SSLU and RUDN-1 teams was the best they have ever judged.

The competition assesses flexibility in negotiation, the ability to make spontaneous decisions, adherence to the interests of the client, the ability to focus on the long term perspective, teamwork, adherence to professional ethics and the ability to reflect.

 “The International Negotiation Competition is always a fairy tale, which is not limited to two or three days of the competition itself. Throughout the time of preparation and the oral rounds you experience incredible pleasure from this process”,- said Albert Khairutdinov, a student at the Law Institute.

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