The graduate of RUDN has built a career in an international company
The graduate of RUDN has built a career in an international company
Lyudmila Ushakova (Gorshkova) graduated RUDN in 2009, majoring in Economics. Already at school, exact sciences were easy for her that’s why she didn’t doubt when she was choosing her major. Lyudmila got a diploma «Translator in the sphere of professional communications».

She is fluent in English and speaks a little Spanish. «A qualified expert has to know fundamentals of higher mathematics, accounting, computer programs and also foreign languages», Lyudmila says. How to build a career in an international company - in an interview with Lyudmila Gorshkova.

Lyudmila, can you tell us about the brightest memory in RUDN?

The most vivid memory is the students matriculation, at this event you realize that a new part of life has begun. Assembly Hall, happy faces of students. I will never forget the words of Vladimir Mikhailovich Filippov, Rector of the Peoples Friendship University of Russia: - «Welcome to Adulthood». At that moment, I realized that from now I have to make all decisions by myself. The first language internship is another unforgettable impression of my student life. On the 3rd -year of the bachelor's program I went to London with a group of students. Before this trip, I had language barrier. I knew grammar well, but I could not speak English at all. That fact that there were no Russian-speaking students helped me. By the end of the internship, I had confident upper-Intermediate level.

What kinds of research did you conduct during your student's years?

I studied the Russian economic growth in Bachelor's degree programme, but in Master's degree programme I became interested in the topic of special aspects of contemporary development of educational services market in Russia and in the whole world. At my 4th year I took part in the project of research students works. My work was connected with analytics of educational markets of developing countries. I was really carried away and decided to continue my research at Master's degree programme. After all I entered a PhD programme and went on to study the international educational market. The topic of my thesis work is «Export of educational services in the higher school: global experience and Russia». 13 December, 2012, I became PhD in Economics. This day will be in my memory all my life: sleepless nights, worrying, expert’s opinion....

As a student, what did you think the perfect start of the career should be like?

As a student of an international university, I had always known that I wanted to start my career in an international company. And that's what happened. Primarily I wanted to work in Finance as I have mathematical mindset. My first job was a specialist in discount calculations. I only dealt with figures.

What are your current goals?

Now I'm a project manager in one of the largest IT companies. My responsibilities are to promote and develop projects for companies on the Internet. I got this job by accident. There were 3 months before my diploma presentation, and I decided to find a part-time job for this period of time. I submitted my CV, went through several interview stages – and here I am as a company employee. Our team had a task to launch and work on an international project that was launched in Russia exactly 2 weeks after its launch in the US. After this project, I was invited to continue working on new projects on a regular basis. I would like to tell you about another project, which doesn’t relate to my work – it’s a creation of Wicked motocross team. The leading pilot is my husband. Wicked Ducati is a relatively new Moto team, which participates in Russian motorcycle races held on road circuits.

What are you aiming at now?

My plans for the future include developing as a specialist and improving IT sector of our company. I would like to learn Italian and maybe give lessons at the Faculty of Economics. I  also intend to continue studying. Lately I have started to think about getting a doctoral degree. After completing postgraduate studies, together with Irina Aydrus, my academic advisor, we wrote a monograph on global market of educational services. As one of my purposes, I would like to write one more academic paper together.

What could you advise young graduates?

Here I would like to quote Steve Jobs and his advice to young specialists in his popular Stanford Commencement speech: «Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish». The most important thing is to find your own way as a specialist in order to be satisfied with your job. And remember: «Do not work 12 hours, work with your head.»

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