A big plus to academic reputation: law students on experience studying abroad
A big plus to academic reputation: law students on experience studying abroad
Combine study with traveling to another country, brush up a foreign language and broaden your horizons, bring home not only a bag of souvenirs, but also a baggage of new knowledge? You may think that such a mission is impossible, but RUDN students who took part in academic mobility programs may prove the opposite.

Anastasia Otrashevskaya, 2nd year student of the Department of International Law of RUDN Law Institute

“A year ago, when I started doing Master’s, I could not imagine that this would happen to me. I had been studying Spanish from the age of 14, traveled extensively in Spain, more and more imbued diving into the culture of this sunny and warm country. My alma mater supported my initiative to study abroad, offered an exchange program, and here I am a student at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria).

Here I study international law and European Union law. This system of law is universal in any state, and I can apply the knowledge that I gained while studying at the Law Institute of the RUDN University.

The training is according to a special scheme: first, the teacher gives theory where much attention is paid to the practice of international bodies, courts, and various international problems. Then, every two weeks, we have tests on the studied topics. The final mark is made up of points for each test and exam.

I improve my knowledge of English and Spanish, including legal Spanish, which for four years was taught to me by the most remarkable Ekaterina Zvereva, associate professor of the Department of Foreign Languages ​​of RUDN Law Institute.

Every day on Gran Canaria is special. I met a lot of people from different countries. I participated in debates in Spanish, learned to dance salsa and first tried surfing. I’m sure that there are still many unforgettable moments ahead, and all thanks to my RUDN University! ”- Anastasia Otrashevskaya, 2nd year student of the MA course at the Department of International Law of the RUDN University

Svetlana Lozhkova, 2nd year student of the Master’s program “Constitutional Law and Constitutional Judicial Proceedings” of the RUDN University Law Institute

“Exchange training is an unforgettable experience that my university has given me. All 4 years of undergraduate studies I was waiting for the announcement “Applications for study in Germany is open” to appear. The fall of 2018 changed my life in many aspects. In November, I received a treasured letter - my application for training at Uni Hohenheim was approved.

The training is focused primarily on practical application, the student should study and understand a lot - in the exam only 7 points out of 25 are assigned to the theoretical task, and everything else is solving cases. You will not see a list of questions for the exam, you should know everything that was taught during the course.

I took the German language at RUDN University from scratch, I am very grateful to Irina Cruz and Elena Kalashnikova, teachers of the Department of Foreign Languages ​​of the Law Institute, who gave me a good base in the Translator program. Then I improved the language at the Goethe Institute at the German Embassy.

Thanks to RUDN University, I also learned about the summer school in Salzburg and joined it. This is a good opportunity to see a small part of European student life, improve knowledge of German legal vocabulary, as well as make new acquaintances and just relax in a very beautiful city.

I am very pleased with the experience. Apply and go for a semester or two, and you will see for yourself! ”

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