3 gold medals and 1 silver: RUDN teams at the International University Sports Festival "Euro Istanbul 2019"

3 gold medals and 1 silver: RUDN teams at the International University Sports Festival "Euro Istanbul 2019"

RUDN teams in swimming, volleyball, tennis and beach volleyball got to the sports pedestal of the 39th International University Sport Festival Euro-Istanbul 2019, held on May 8-13, at the Bogazichi University (Turkey). Swimmer Maxim Chumachenko is recognized as the best athlete of the tournament.

RUDN swimming team has become the absolute champion in this sport, having won over 15 teams from 12 countries. Each of the students swam 3-4 times a day plus a relay race. Of the 24 distances, only 5 distances were lost to the teams of Germany and Turkey.

Tennis players also became champions in their sport, having beaten students from other countries by a wide margin on points.

This time the women's volleyball team took the 2nd place, losing to the team of the host university.

Swimmer Maxim Chumachenko, a student of the Faculty of Science, was recognized as the best athlete of the tournament according to the results of the competition and was awarded a separate Cup.

Congratulations to the athletes and their coaches!

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