Events and Invitations
10 - 21 Jun
RUDN Law Summer school 2019
The courses will be taught in English by experts in various branches of law, Honored Lawyers of the Russian Federation, state award recipients and successful experts-practitioners. Participants will benefit from an extremely rich and interesting environment including visits to museums, galleries, parks and the State Duma of Russian Federation. Finally, they will be able to relax and enjoy walking along the Moscow streets and squares.
Direction: Education
Event format: Master class
Organizer: Law Institute
19 Apr
International Conference on Journalism, PR and Media Trends. Media and Сommunication
For the last few years, due to the increases in active information and communication technologies adoption, mass media activities have considerably changed in their organization and nature. Digitalization processes have marked the beginning of a new era of mass media and communication development. The approaches to creating, disseminating and analyzing media texts have changed significantly.
Direction: Education
Event format: Сonference
19 Mar
Scientific seminar on the differential and functional differential equation under the guidance of Professor A.L. Skubachevskii
Topic: Stability for a system Euler-Bernoulli type with a boundary dissipation of fractional derivative type.
15 - 20 Mar
The School for Prospective Master Students “Lifelong Learning”
Students will meet actual professors of the IFL of RUDN University as well as academics and professors in the field of theory and practice of foreign languages, international relations, economics, social management and inclusive education from other Russian universities. Professional discussions, the possibility to speak out one’s views, which may differ from the common opinion, sharing ideas – these all will become an essential part of the School’s programme.
16 - 17 Feb
Russian national round of International Negotiation Competition for law students will take place at the RUDN University
Direction: Education
Event format: Competition
6 - 12 Feb
"Volunteering in Solving the UN Sustainable Development Goals" Winter School as part of the Russia-South Korea Forum
February 6-12, RUDN will receive students from South Korea and Russia in the frame of the “Volunteering in Solving the UN Sustainable Development Goals” Winter School. 40 young people from partner countries will plunge into international project activities aimed at practical solution of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) mainly carried out on the principles of volunteering.
Direction: Education
Event format: Scientific school
29 Jan
Conference "Spiritual and moral culture in higher education. Student youth: freedom and responsibility"
In the framework of the International Christmas Educational Readings, the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia and the Moscow Theological Academy hold a conference “Spiritual and Moral Culture in Higher Education”.
17 Jan
The solemn ceremony of awarding diplomas and certificates of the English Language Olympiad "The Magic English Word"
January 17, at 4.00 pm, a solemn ceremony of awarding diplomas and certificates of the annual English Olympiad “The Magic English Word” will take place at the Institute of Foreign Languages of the RUDN University. The competition unites not only schoolchildren from Moscow and the Moscow region, but also other cities and regions.
11 Jan
Student scientific-practical conference "Innovations in psychological and pedagogical education"
January 11, the Institute of Foreign Languages, Department of Social Pedagogy hosts a student scientific-practical conference “Innovations in Psychological and Pedagogical Education”, which annually rounds up internship of undergraduate and graduate students majoring in Psychological and Pedagogical Education.