School for prospective Master students “Russian Language – Language of International Communication”

School for prospective Master students “Russian Language – Language of International Communication”

The event passed
16 - 18 Apr 2020
Direction: Education
Subdirection: Linguistics
Format: School
Contact person
Zavialova Olga Sergeyevna
About the event

Within the framework of the Competitiveness Enhancement Program “5-100”, the Philological Faculty of RUDN University announces a school for prospective Master students “Russian Language – Language of International Communication”.

The school will take place in online format on the basis of the Department of Russian language and its teaching methods from 16 to 18 April 2020. Participation is open to bachelor graduates of the RUDN University and other universities of Russia, studying such programs as “Linguistics” and “Philology”.

The main goal of the school is to intensify research conducted by students of Russian universities, to develop fundamental and applied research on the integration of higher education and science and to present Master's degree programs of the Philological Faculty, including joint programs and courses implemented in foreign languages.

The opening of the school will take place on the 16th of April, 2020 at 10.00 a.m. in the auditorium No. 520 (the building of Faculty Arts and Sciences), where the online coordination of event will be organized.

The main directions of the School "Russian Language - The Language of International Communication" are:

  • Language, culture, communication.
  • Teaching Russian as a foreign language: approaches, projects, resources, technologies.
  • Russian language in an intercultural context: problems and prospects.
  • Translation: theory, practice, modern approaches.
  • Discourse and fiction.
  • Methods of teaching Russian as a foreign language.
  • Actual problems of the modern Russian language and its teaching methods.

Video lectures for prospective Masters will be conducted by leading experts of the Philological Faculty of RUDN University and other Russian universities - professors and associate professors in the field of theoretical and empirical aspects of studying Russian language and its teaching methods, including methods for foreign audience.

Each participant will be able to share his opinion in a professional discussion and exchange views on relevant issues within the framework of the school.

The program also includes lectures and seminars, trainings, scientific meetings and the final round-table talk.

The school will be attended by scientists, teachers and senior Bachelor students studying a Humanities course from Russia, Azerbaijan, Vietnam, China, Senegal, Turkey and Uzbekistan.

The importance of this school for prospective students, interested in the Master's program “Russian Language - Language of International Communication” is obvious, since it draws the attention of future young scientists to the problems of Russian language, which nowadays undergoes ambiguous and sometimes negative influences in Russia and all over the world.

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