Life in RUDN
03 Mar 2022
“I wish RUDN University could bring up ‘Beautiful People’ for many more years”, — Daria Stanis, Associate Professor of the Department of Public Administration

About the memory of grandfather, about the joy for the success of classmates, about the love of philosophy and about the fact that a life partner can be found at a lecture — in an interview for the media project “Thousands of stories — one university”

Life in RUDN
25 May 2020
"I want life in Africa to be good!", student Dosso Aminata Zeguela Solange

Her dream is to become the ambassador of Côte d'Ivoire and represent her homeland on the international arena. Dosso Aminata Zeguela Solange is preparing for a career in politics, but not for her personal ambition: she wants to see her motherland and other African countries thrive.

Life in RUDN
06 May 2020
“Education is the most important channel of human socialization. You cannot enjoy that at a distance. After all, the greatest luxury is communicating with interesting people”, Daria Kazarinova

Why does a lecturer need an interlocutor, how to prepare for the lesson, and why do you want to isolate yourself even more in self-isolation at home – read in an interview with Daria Kazarinova, Ph.D. (Political sciences), assistant professor of RUDN Department of comparative political science.

Life in RUDN
29 Aug 2019
«RUDN University is academic freedom, which is very important for research», - Nikita Kuklin, graduate of RUDN University

Nikita Kuklin is a graduate of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, International Relations. Why to be a scientist is not only prestigious, but also profitable and what games future diplomats play in an interview with Nikita.

23 Jul 2019
A scientific look at “Pardon impossible to execute” presented by a RUDN sociologist in London

Tatyana Larina, Senior Lecturer, Department of Sociology, RUDN Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, presented the study “Death Penalty and Euthanasia in the Context of Tradition and Liberalism” at the XI International Conference of Applied Research in Politics, Economics, Social Sciences and Technology in London (Great Britain) (ARICPEST) 2019.

04 Jul 2019
“The University makes students citizens of the world”, - Anita Dhar, graduate of RUDN University

Anita Dhar - graduate of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, majoring in "International Relations" and the winner of the title "Best graduate of RUDN -2019". In her interview she talks about how the spirit of friendship of nations is cultivated, how to study 12 semesters with “A” grades and how a musical ear helps in learning foreign languages.

01 May 2019
Olympiad in Russian as a foreign language: who among RUDN international students knows Russian better?

April 19-20, the Philological faculty Department of Russian Language and Methodology of Teaching hosted the second final round of the University Student Olympiad in Russian as a foreign language “Russia: Traditions and Modernity”. The winners will represent RUDN at the All-Russian Russian Language Olympiad among foreign students in the autumn of 2019.

15 Apr 2019
7 mistakes in communication of young specialists: the founder of Communications School Rise Up speaks about effective business communication

April 8, How to find a common language with colleagues and management, what must be indicated in the resume when applying for a job, how to calculate the scenario of the situation and not to make a mistake – the founder of Communication School Rise Up Alena Kondratieva told all of these to the students of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at the lecture “7 mistakes in communication of young specialists”.

08 Apr 2019
How to write about the Middle East the observer of the publishing house Kommersant told RUDN students

On April 1, students of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences met with a columnist for Kommersant Publishing House, an expert with the Russian Council on International Affairs (RIAC), Marianna Belenkaya.