International cooperation
05 Jun 2019
RUDN hosts "Living Values of Modern Universities" International Workshop

May 30, "Living Values of Modern Universities" International Workshop brought together rectors, vice-rectors and employees of 18 universities of the Russian Federation and the CIS, government and public figures to discuss the problem of formation and development of the life values of higher educational institutions, their role in the life of the university, the consolidation of staff and students, and the impact of the life values of the university on the state and society. The event was organized by RUDN University together with the Magna Charta Observatory (Bologna, Italy).

04 Jun 2019 Launches Arabic Language Version

Information on application to Russian universities is now available to prospective students from Arab countries.

03 Jun 2019
The General Theory of Particle Mechanics. A Special Course: results of more than 30-year research are published

In XVII century, summarizing results of numerous experiments Newton formulated the basic laws of classical mechanics. At the very beginning of XX century, analyzing laws of electrodynamics, Einstein proposed equations of motion of a very fast particle; it was the origin of relativistic mechanics. Decades later, summarizing empiric facts on micro-scales, theoreticians invented quantum mechanics with Schrodinger equation as its conventional version. These three branches of mechanics are in fact very different theories – in math sense as well as in comprehension, – and we have accustomed to learn and use them as separate informational units. However, Alexander Yefremov, a mathematician from RUDN University, claims that not all this is so plain. In his recent book “The General Theory of Particle Mechanics: A Special Course” issued by Cambridge Scholars Publishing (UK) in 2019, he tries to convince us that only one law of mechanics rules the Nature, the other three being its special manifestations.

17 May 2019
Multidisciplinary terminological system: from word to discourse

Natalia Zhabo, associate professor of the Department of Foreign Languages at RUDN Agrarian and Technological Institute, presented the author's theoretical and applied concept of multidisciplinary term systems to the linguistic community of the RUDN University.

Life in RUDN
07 May 2019
“Same as you” festival of student films “MEFI” at RUDN University

April 25, the Faculty of Philology hosted the 22nd festival of student films "MEFI". The theme of the festival was social and moral issues.

Life in RUDN
01 May 2019
Foreign Languages and Ecology: Day of Linguistics at RUDN University

The tale "Kolobok" in Latin, flash mobs and environmental activities in different languages - the linguists of RUDN celebrated the Day of the specialty.

International cooperation
30 Apr 2019
"Youth contacts are an important tool in Russian-German relations," - Angela Dolzhikova, RUDN Vice-Rector for Continuing Education

How to maintain contacts between states when the geopolitical background is not favorable? How can young people contribute to the development of external relations at the local and national levels? What best practices help achieve this goal in Russia and Germany? The participants of the conference “Russian-German Relations: The Role of Youth Dialogue” tried to answer these and other questions.

About RUDN
24 Apr 2019
RUDN University is in the top 100 of the Round University Rankings for teaching quality

The Round University Ranking (RUR) presented the results of world university ranking 2019. RUDN University took the 77th position among the best universities in the world in terms of teaching quality.

20 Apr 2019
"The University has reached the level of sustainable development after explosive growth according to scientific and educational criteria," - Hans de Wit, Director of the Center for International Higher Education at Boston College

April 19, a videoconference of the International Expert Council (IEC) of RUDN University was held with the participation of IEC members - prominent figures in the field of science and education, as well as the top management of the university. The topic of the meeting is the results of RUDN University on the implementation of 5-100 Competitiveness Program in 2018 and a discussion of the university's further development strategies. Experts noted overfulfillment of the Program’s key indicators by 20–30%, emphasizing the inclusion of RUDN University in various subject ratings.

15 Apr 2019
7 mistakes in communication of young specialists: the founder of Communications School Rise Up speaks about effective business communication

April 8, How to find a common language with colleagues and management, what must be indicated in the resume when applying for a job, how to calculate the scenario of the situation and not to make a mistake – the founder of Communication School Rise Up Alena Kondratieva told all of these to the students of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at the lecture “7 mistakes in communication of young specialists”.

15 Apr 2019
“My goal is to make a useful scientific discovery that will help people”, - Esparza Sandoval Cesar Augusto, graduate student of the Faculty of Science of RUDN University

Esparza Sandoval César Augusto from Colombia, a graduate student in the Faculty of Science at RUDN University, Organic Chemistry, spoke about research, life in Russia and plans for the future.

International cooperation
11 Apr 2019
RUDN University signs a cooperation agreement in science and education with the University of Bolivarian Venezuela

April 5, RUDN University signed an Agreement on cooperation in science and education with the University of Bolivarian Venezuela (Universidad Bolivariana de Venezuela) in the framework of the 14th meeting of the High-Level Intergovernmental Russian-Venezuelan Commission. On behalf of RUDN, the agreement was signed by Larisa Efremova, Vice-Rector for International Affairs, from the Venezuelan side - Torres Martíne Anthony Camilo, Deputy Minister for Development of Information Technologies and Communications of the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technologies, Head of the Bolivarian Agency for Space Activities (ABAE).