Life in RUDN
27 Apr
Kindness has no nationality: RUDN volunteers lend a helping hand

Students from different countries who walk on campus, play sports, sit on benches, ringing laughter in national cuisine cafes - a familiar picture for RUDN University. But today you won’t meet anyone but rare passers - by, who are likely to be volunteers in a hurry to help a student, employee or university veteran.

Life in RUDN
25 Apr
“When it's over, I will continue to work,” - Prabal Pradhan, RUDN medical resident

Medical residents -volunteers are assisting doctors at RUDN Medical Center. They are real heroes whose faces are hidden behind masks. Today we introduce Prabal Pradhan, a resident of RUDN University, specializing in Traumatology and Orthopedics. He is from Nepal, but he is helping the whole world now - students who still live on campus. Read about everyday life, changes and fear in an interview for the project "Masked Faces".

Life in RUDN
20 Apr
“I work in intensive care. The hospital has given me accommodation. It’s better for me to know that my wife is at home, safe, ”Mengistu Elias Mesfin (Ethiopia), resident of RUDN University Medical Institute, volunteer at Clinical Hospital No. 1

Moscow doctors are assisted by foreign residents of RUDN University. Under special uniforms and masks you cannot see the skin color. Hands are covered by identical gloves. However, the characters should not be faceless. Today we talk about Mengistu Elyas Mesfin - medical resident of the Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care with a course of medical rehabilitation of RUDN University. Elias is from Ethiopia, but has been helping doctors at Clinical Hospital No. 1 in Moscow for several weeks now. Read about how Africa is helping Russia in an interview for the project “Masked Faces”.

Life in RUDN
17 Apr
Their faces are hidden behind medical masks, but their eyes radiate calm and confidence

Residents of RUDN Medical Institute are real heroes. Today, in the frame of the project “Masked Faces” we will talk about three young professionals who help doctors in Moscow.

Life in RUDN
16 Apr
“When I was told that I would help in Kommunarka, I didn’t even feel any fear,” Maria Mamontova, student of RUDN Medical Institute

Students, residents and postgraduate students of RUDN University help doctors in Moscow. They are heroes whose faces are hidden under medical masks. Today we meet Maria Mamontova, a 2nd-year student of RUDN University majoring in Nursing Care. For 3 weeks, Maria has been coordinating volunteers and helping doctors in the “red zone” of the hospital in Kommunarka. Read about weekdays and plans for the future in an interview for the project "Masked faces."

Life in RUDN
14 Apr
Measures taken at RUDN

We have collected relevant information on distance education and work under current conditions of coronavirus infection spread. The information on the page is constantly updated.

Life in RUDN
02 Apr
Memo for residents of RUDN University hostels. How to behave on vacations

From March 28 to April 5, RUDN students are on holidays. Please observe the following rules on campus.

Life in RUDN
27 Mar
Holidays in RUDN from 28 March to 5 April

According to the decree of the President of Russia and order of the RF Ministry of science and higher education students in programs of higher education, secondary vocational and continuing education have holidays from 28 March to 5 April.

Life in RUDN
26 Mar
RUDN days off 30 March - 3 April

According to the President’s order RUDN staff have days off 30 March - April 5 with fully preserved salary. Departments ensuring work of the university continue work.

Life in RUDN
26 Mar
RUDN expert speaks about the dangers of alcohol and home-made antiseptics for hand skin

Professor Anton Molochkov, head of the Department of Dermatovenereology with a course of cosmetology at the Faculty of Continuing Medical Education of RUDN Medical Institute, talks about how to take care of the skin of your hands when hygiene and disinfection become one of the most important ways of prophylactics.

Life in RUDN
23 Mar
"I want to show Kazakhstan to the whole world", student Balzhan Samigullina

If asked why they enrolled at a university, most students would probably say, "To gain knowledge." But future journalist Balzhan Samigullina is thinking bigger. Still a student, she is already dreaming of sharing her knowledge with the people of her country, so that together they can welcome guests from all over the world!

Life in RUDN
12 Mar
«Being a lawyer means assembling a case piece by piece like a construction set», student Sino Dzhonov

Sino Dzhonov has dreamt of becoming a lawyer since he was a child. He daydreamed of being a reputable young man wearing an expensive suit and holding a briefcase, and he loved this image. However, when he studied at the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (RUDN), he realized that what matters most is not the looks but the knowledge you possess. Today, Sino is a successful young specialist, with an 80% win rate in court.