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Life in RUDN
30 Jan
Newly arrived students from China will undergo medical check-up at the RUDN Medical Center

RUDN University has its own Clinical and Diagnostic Center on campus. Each newly arrived student from China undergoes a mandatory medical examination and is under medical supervision for at least 14 days from the date of arrival. ⠀

Life in RUDN
24 Jan
«My main goal is to show the greatness of the Russian soul», - student Kasthuri Arachchige Amila Surat Malrenu Kasthurirathna

As a child, Kasthuri read Russian folk tales and dreamed of coming to Russia. Today he is a student of the Philological Faculty of RUDN University where he studies the Russian language and culture. He has an ambitious goal: to tell about Russia back in his home country of Sri Lanka.

Life in RUDN
21 Jan
"My calling in life is to help people", student Keturah Musonda

A student of the Institute of Medicine at RUDN University, Keturah Musonda, was brought to Russia by a family loss that changed her life entirely. Back in her home country Zambia, she had to bury her brother: he passed away from a disease that modern medicine has long learned to control. It was then that Keturah realized: her calling is to help people. After graduation, she plans on working as a doctor and on spreading the best medical practices throughout her home country.

Life in RUDN
17 Jan
“Every foreign student, arriving in Russia, seeks to preserve his or her culture, as well as an integral part of every people - traditions,” - Hussein Abbas, President of the community of students from Lebanon

We talked with the president of the Lebanese community, Hussein Abbas, learned what traditions the Lebanese adopted from their great-grandfathers, how foreigners preserve their culture outside their homeland.

Life in RUDN
15 Jan
Cinema with a French accent: RUDN University at the Bordeaux Film Festival

The IX festival "Soirees of Russian Cinema in Bordeaux" was held in Bordeaux (France). More than a dozen films of Russian cinema were shown at the Mégarama cinema and in the cultural space of Cité du Vin. Classics of the Soviet era and modern films were united by a common theme, where a woman was the main character. The film, voiced by Tatyana Yevsikova, lecturer of the Philological faculty of RUDN University, won the prize "For deep and soulful disclosure of the plot." RUDN University also took part in the preparation of the educational program of the festival.

Life in RUDN
31 Dec 2019
"I wish the following year to be full of positive emotions, warm meetings and bright discoveries. Be healthy, happy and successful!", Vladimir Filippov

Life in RUDN
26 Nov 2019
RUDN students sign a declaration of friendship and mutual respect

November 20, "ambassadors" of their countries or the leaders of the student associations of the university got together to sign the Declaration of RUDN University Student Community confirming their intentions to live in an atmosphere of friendship and mutual understanding in one of the most multinational universities in the world.

Life in RUDN
06 Nov 2019
"I dream about saving lives", student Tom-Ayegunle Kehinde Oreoluwa

Tom-Ayegunle Kehinde Oreoluwa is a student of RUDN Medical Institute from Nigeria, 10 semesters straight A-student. She told her story about discipline, success in university and ways to improve healthcare in her homeland.

Life in RUDN
24 Oct 2019
RUDN University applies for the First World Powerlifting Championship among students in 2022

Vice-rector for work with students Sergey Bazavluk and associate professor of the Department of Physical Education and Sports Yulia Zhuravleva submitted an application from RUDN University at the headquarters of the International University Sports Federation FISU (Lausanne, Switzerland). RUDN application is the only one from Russia.

Life in RUDN
21 Oct 2019
RUDN student Konstantin Abdula-Zade - sumo world champion

Konstantin Abdula-Zade, 1st-year graduate student at the IFL Master's program in Psychological and Pedagogical Education, won the World Sumo Championship in the weight category up to 115 kg. Competitions were held in Osaka (Japan).

Life in RUDN
18 Oct 2019
“I like the learning process itself. I want and am ready to share my knowledge, make people's speech correct and beautiful,”- student Maria Christu about being an excellent student

Cypriot Maria Christu, a student of the Faculty of Philology, dreams of teaching Russian in her homeland. Read the interview about having A’s 10 semesters.

Life in RUDN
01 Sep 2019
"Set more and more ambitious goals that can change the world for the better", - Rector of RUDN University Vladimir Filippov