RUDN University received the maximum "5 stars" of the QS Stars international ranking — highest scores for six out of eight indicators. It’s a breakthrough in “Employability” and significan rise in "Teaching" and "Academic Development".

Is ranked in the number one position for internationalization among Russian universities.

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26 Oct
Winners of grant projects "BE MASTER" and "PROJECT YOURSELF"

Winners of the “BE MASTER” and “PROJECT YOURSELF” grant projects will receive certificates for 100,000 and 130,000 rubles. Foreign graduates from Ghana, Zambia, Iran, Kazakhstan, China, Nigeria, Peru, Syria, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan will start their studies at RUDN University.

12 Aug
Take part in the II Online RUDN University Olympiad for foreign citizens

Starting from August 10, the second Online RUDN University Olympiad is held for foreign citizens wishing to enroll in 2020 to study at RUDN University under the bachelor’s, specialist’s and master’s programs. The winners of the Olympiad can study in the chosen major at the expense of the budget of the Russian Federation, prize-winners get a tuition discount.

19 Jun
“BE MASTER!” and “PROJECT YOURSELF!” - get a grant for Master studies

RUDN University allocates 20 million rubles to support talented international students. RUDN University will provide 190 grants to international students for Master studies. Foreign graduates of Bachelor, Specialist and Master programs can participate in “BE MASTER!” and "PROJECT YOURSELF!’ projects and get 100,000 — 130,000 rubles certificates to be used for tuition. The winners will be determined on 10 october.

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27 Nov
Seminar “On the problem of maximal extension for GKM-graphs”
In 1998, Goresky, Kottwitz, MacPherson introduced a class of $(S^1)^k$-actions on smooth manifolds with degenerate odd-dimensional cohomologies. They calculated the corresponding ring of equivariant cohomologies in terms of so-called GKM-graphs. Roughly speaking, a GKM-graph of type $(n,k)$ is an $n$-valent graph with labels from the lattice $\Z^k$ on its edges.
25 Nov
Seminar «Reducing agents in amides synthesis»
Nature as well as our body could not avoid redox processes. We gave to nature a head start of 400 million years. During this time nature created a lot of unique unbelievably effective processes including the reductive ones.
Direction: Science
Event format: Seminar
25 Nov
Seminar «Understanding the Binding Information of 1-Imino-1,2-Dihydropyrazino[1,2-a]indol-3(4H)-oneinBovine Serum Albumin, 5-HydroxytryptamineReceptor 1B andHuman Carbonic Anhydrase I: A Biophysical Approach»
The present study was focused on understanding the binding interaction mechanism of a newly synthesized 1-imino-1,2-dihydropyrazino[1,2-a]indol-3(4H)-one(PI) compound in bovine serum albumin(BSA)using fluorescence spectroscopy and molecular modeling techniques.
Direction: Science
Event format: Seminar