RUDN majors "Computer Science" and "Engineering and Technology" for the first time enter the Times Higher Education World University Ranking by Subject 2020

RUDN majors "Computer Science" and "Engineering and Technology" for the first time enter the Times Higher Education World University Ranking by Subject 2020

RUDN University is for the first time represented in the global subject ranking of the best universities in the areas of Computer Science (501-600) and Engineering and Technology in the Times Higher Education World University Ranking by Subject 2020.

RUDN University was first included in the 2 world subject ratings of Times Higher Education (THE). In the field of Computer Science, the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia is in group 501-600, and in the Engineering & Technology is in 601-800 group. 13 performance indicators are evaluated in 5 areas: “Teaching”, “Research”, “Citations”, “International outlook”, “Industry Income”.

 “Entry into the subject rankings “Computer Science” and “Engineering and Technology” is the result of the last three years. It was then that we began to fundamentally change the approach to scientific activity. We concentrated resources and created the Institute of Applied Mathematics and Telecommunications and the Mathematical Institute named after S.M. Nikolsky. We now have the Institute of Innovative Engineering Technologies, which includes 9 world-class laboratories and a supercomputer, which is 13th most powerful in the CIS. Processing large data of remote sensing of the earth, rational processing of solid minerals, 5G-eco-monitoring in megacities is only part of the projects implemented in these areas. The share of scientific publications in international collaborations has increased significantly, by 15%” said RUDN Rector Vladimir Filippov.

In the field of computer science, RUDN University showed growth in 4 indicators: “Citations”, “Number of publications per faculty”, “Publications in collaboration with foreign scientists”, “Share of international students” (we have 1,4 times more international students than the average number in the world universities).

“Now I’m thinking how to rise another 100 positions because we have the potential for another breakthrough. The COST H2020 project is the "roof of Europe" - we have climbed to this peak and are moving further. Investments of 5-100 project gave a big effect. We should not stop there. Research in the field of 5G / 5G +, smart cities, the Internet of things, mathematical theory of teletraffic and applied stochastic systems, mathematical modeling of dynamic systems, artificial intelligence and big data analysis are the topics that RUDN mathematicians deal with. In recent years, we have begun to pay more attention to publications in highly rated scientific journals and international collaborations with foreign scientists. Our key partners are King's College London, Polytechnic University of Milan, Deakin University, University of Lisbon, Tampere University, University of Granada, Brno University of Technology ”,  says Director of the Institute of Applied Mathematics and Telecommunications of the RUDN University, Doctor of Technical Sciences Konstantin Samuylov.

In the field of engineering and technology at RUDN University there is a positive trend in the indicators “Publications in collaboration with foreign scientists”, “Student / faculty ratio”. The indicator “Share of international students” is almost 3 times higher than the world average.

“The Institute of Innovative Engineering Technologies of RUDN University is guided by the goal: to create a better world through education, research and the development of innovative technologies. We develop industrial technical processes and prototyping in areas such as: digital technology, artificial intelligence, additive manufacturing, construction, robotics, medicine, oil and gas and geophysics. We are exploring the advantages of additive technologies, improving laser cladding methods, exploring the properties of new alloys for the manufacture of parts, and offering solutions for non-invasive seismic and electrical exploration,” syas Director of RUDN Institute of Innovative Engineering Technologies Kirill Schesnyak.

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