Alexander Bevza, student at RUDN Engineering Academy wins the arm-wrestling world champion title

Alexander Bevza, student at RUDN Engineering Academy wins the arm-wrestling world champion title

A student of RUDN Academy of Engineering won the world wrestling champion title (left hand). The 40th World Cup was held 12 - 21 October, in Antalya (Turkey).

“The fight was not easy. Titled sportsmen came to win: world champions and prize-winners of past years, current champions and prize-winners of other international tournaments, ”- Alexander Bevza, RUDN student.

Alexander is a 4th year student majoring in Civil Engineering performed among youth in the weight category of athletes up to 85 kg. Alexander's victory in Turkey was not his first “gold”. He had already won the first place at the 37th World Championships in Malaysia. Alexander holds the title of master of sports of the Russian Federation in arm wrestling.

“I have been doing this sport for the eighth year. From the first days I have been coached by a distinguished trainer. Diligence and work have paid off,” the athlete said.

We wish Alexander good luck at the final exams and the highest sport awards.


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