RUDN University accepts congratulations on the anniversary
RUDN University accepts congratulations on the anniversary
RUDN has become alma mater for many talented people, trained more than one generation of true professionals who make the world a better place. Birthday is an occasion to unite and once again say: “I love RUDN!”

Interesting acquaintances that became the beginning of a strong friendship; knowledge that served as the foundation for professional achievement; good stories and events that warm the soul with memories of life at the university, and of course, love - RUDN University has remained in the heart of everyone who has ever come into contact with it.

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Life in RUDN
08 Sep
RUDN University starts the academic year

September 1, 3,090 Russian students joined the RUDN University family, 945 of them went to the state-funded mode, 2,145 to the contract mode. This year RUDN received 59,730 applications — 7,186 more than last year — this is almost 34 applications for 1 budget place. In 2019, this figure was 27.92.

Life in RUDN
24 Jul
Safety and health measures for RUDN students and applicants

Life in RUDN
14 Jul
Tatyana Lebedeva, Olympic champion in athletics heads RUDN Sport Center

Tatyana Lebedeva is the new Head of RUDN Sport Center. She has a lot of new ideas for the development of sports at the university.