Events and Invitations
19 Apr
International Conference on Journalism, PR and Media Trends. Media and Сommunication
For the last few years, due to the increases in active information and communication technologies adoption, mass media activities have considerably changed in their organization and nature. Digitalization processes have marked the beginning of a new era of mass media and communication development. The approaches to creating, disseminating and analyzing media texts have changed significantly.
Direction: Education
Event format: Сonference
29 Jan
Conference "Spiritual and moral culture in higher education. Student youth: freedom and responsibility"
In the framework of the International Christmas Educational Readings, the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia and the Moscow Theological Academy hold a conference “Spiritual and Moral Culture in Higher Education”.
11 Jan
Student scientific-practical conference "Innovations in psychological and pedagogical education"
January 11, the Institute of Foreign Languages, Department of Social Pedagogy hosts a student scientific-practical conference “Innovations in Psychological and Pedagogical Education”, which annually rounds up internship of undergraduate and graduate students majoring in Psychological and Pedagogical Education.
3 Dec
Interuniversity scientific and practical conference with international participation “JURISPRUDENCE 2.1. NEW VIEW ON THE LAW”
On December 3, 2018 RUDN University will arrange interuniversity scientific and practical conference with international participation “JURISPRUDENCE 2.0: NEW VIEW ON THE LAW”.
29 Nov
International XX scientific conference “The situation in Afghanistan and the formation of a regional security system in Central Asia”
According to the leading experts, the formation of a regional security system in Central Asia is becoming one of the most important priorities in world politics. At the same time, the key factor of this geopolitical region is the situation in Afghanistan.
29 - 30 Nov
The VIII All-Russian Scientific-Practical Conference "Modern Aspects of Hematology and Hepatology"
The conference was organized by the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, the National Medical Research Radiology Center, P.A. Herzen Moscow Oncology Research Institute.
Direction: Medicine
Event format: Сonference
26 - 29 Nov
The 5th International Conference «Function Spaces. Differential Operators. Problems of Mathematical Education»
The conference dedicated to the 95th anniversary of the corresponding member of RAS, academician of European Academy of Sciences L.D. Kudryavtsev.
Direction: Science
Event format: Сonference
23 Nov
VIII All-Russian Interuniversity Conference on Veterinary Surgery
At present time, there is a rapid development of modern means and methods of treatment and prevention of surgical pathologies of animals for their successful implementation in practice and educational process. The best innovative methodology is cooperation between universities, veterinary centers, experimental institutes. The purpose of such cooperation is to generalize the experience, joint study and optimization of measures and methods of treatment of animals with various pathologies, the study of new modern methods of diagnosis.
22 Nov
Student conference with international participation “Languages and Cultures: prospects of development in the 21st century”
On November 22, 2018, a student scientific and practical conference with international participation “Languages and Cultures: prospects for development in the 21st century” will be held.