Events and Invitations
25 Oct
International scientific and practical conference “Motina readings”
International pedagogical readings are organized annually by the Faculty of Advanced Training of Teachers of Russian as a Foreign Language (FATT RFL) RUDN University. Within the first pedagogical Readings (2016), a collective monograph “Interactive methods of teaching Russian and foreign languages” was published; the result of the second Readings devoted to the 50th anniversary of the FATT RFL was the monograph “Methods of teaching Russian (as a foreign language, as a second): history, current state, development prospects”.
25 - 27 Oct
Scientific conference "Finsler Generalizations of the Theory of Relativity (FERT-2018)"
From October 25 to October 27, 2018 in Peoples' Friendship University of Russia there takes place the joint scientific conference "Finsler Generalizations of the Theory of Relativity (FERT-2018)" organized by Educational and scientific institute of gravitation and cosmology of RUDN and Research institute of hypercomplex systems in geometry and physics.
23 - 25 Oct
Conference for Journalists in Russian-Speaking Mass Media and Journalism Students
October 23-25 the Conference for journalists working for Russian-speaking mass media is organized in Berlin, Germany within the framework of the subprogram «Development and dissemination of the Russian language as the basis of civil self-identity and language of international dialogue» of the Russian Federation state program «Development of Education».
Event format: Сonference
16 Oct - 16 Nov
VII All-Russian scientific and practical conference “Management of social innovations: experience, problems and prospects”
VII All-Russian Conference “Management of social innovations: experience problems and prospects” is aimed at discussing the most actual issues of public and municipal administration.
12 Oct
All-Russian conference “Topical issues of sociological science: theory, methodology and practice”
26 - 28 Sep
The XIX International Scientific-Practical Conference “Pressing Issues of Ecology and Nature Management”
The conference "Pressing Issues of Ecology and Nature Management” has been held at the Faculty of Ecology of RUDN University since 1998.
Direction: Life Sciences
Event format: Сonference
20 Jul
All-Russian scientific seminar “Modern Surgical Technologies”
Modern means, methods of treatment and prevention of surgical pathology of animals for their practical implementation and successful introduction in practice, and also in educational process are actively developed at present time. At the same time, cooperation between universities that provide the specialty “veterinary”, between veterinary centers and experimental institutions is very significant.
8 - 9 Jun
International conference “German Cohen in the history of Russian Philosophy”
The head of the Marburg school of neo-Kantianism Hermann Cohen – is an iconic figure on the one hand, but on the other hand is a mysterious figure for the history of Russian Philosophy. Scientists who study the role of this German thinker in the history of Russian Philosophy of the late XIX - early XX centuries, face a paradoxical situation. Despite the enormous credibility among philosophers, who since 1895 were annually added to the number of students of Marburg master and began the path to academic heights under his leadership, (O. Beech, D. Gawronski, N. Hartmann, S. Rubinstein and others), there was no productive research of creativity of G. Cohen in Russia in pre-revolutionary period.
1 - 2 Jun
International scientific conference “Life of Language in Culture and Society – 7”
On June 1-2, RUDN University will arrange the international scientific conference “Life of Language in Culture and Society – 7”. The event is aimed at the exchange of information and experience between leading scientists of Russia, along with near and far abroad on the most actual issues of psycholinguistics, communication theory, conflictology, theory and practice of intercultural communication and applied Russian Studies.