Events and Invitations
25 - 27 Jun
2nd IAA/AAS SciTech Forum
The forum's program includes technical sessions on thematic areas covering spacecraft control, spacecraft dynamics, navigation and guidance in space, designing and optimizing space missions and satellite systems for various purposes, developing space cable systems, creating robotic and intelligent systems to ensure operation of robotic arms and other spacecraft autonomous devices, ensuring reliability of thermoelectric ultra-long-life semiconductor devices for thermal stabilization and power supply of new generation spacecraft, methods for protecting spacecraft elements from the effects of space factors in order to reduce the intensity of the processes of destruction and gas release of non-metallic materials, etc.
Direction: Science
Event format: Forum
9 - 12 Jun
II International Conference on Energy Systems and Environmental Engineering (ASEE19)
The purpose of the Conference: to gather scientists and engineers working on green energy, environmental protection and ecology and to give them the opportunity to present the results of their research, provide them with a platform for discussion and networking with members of the scientific community.
Direction: Science
Event format: Сonference