«How to build well-defined silicon materials»

«How to build well-defined silicon materials»

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7 Nov 2017
Direction: Science
About the event

Lecture of the invited professor of the Faculty of Science and Technology, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Gunma University (Japan) Masafumi Unno.

Professor Unno will talk about silicone compounds, in particular about silicones and silsesquioxanes, which are widely used in our lives. The recent demand for high-performance materials sharply pushes the research of these compounds to a high level. 

In these lectures, professor will identify the research of his group over the past two decades and will describe the synthetic methods, properties, reactions and applications of various well-defined silicon materials.

7 November, 2017, 14.30

Audience 102, st. Ordzhonikidze, 3, building of the Faculty of Science.

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