International scientific-practical conference «Psychological and Pedagogical Research in Modern Education»
International scientific-practical conference «Psychological and Pedagogical Research in Modern Education»
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19 - 20 Apr 2018
Direction: Science
About the event

April 19-20, 2018, the Department of Social and Differential Psychology of RUDN Philological Faculty holds the International Scientific and Practical Conference «Psychological and Pedagogical Studies in Modern Education», a new international event, yet supporting the traditions of scientific forums of the psychological and pedagogical community of researchers at RUDN. It is designed to preserve the best traditions of previous conferences, meanwhile bringing the scientific forum to a new international level and forming a new international scientific platform to address the current psychological and pedagogical challenges of modern education in a multicultural environment.

The main themes of the conference:

  • Psychological, pedagogical, social problems in modern education and ways of their solution
  • Research of psychological and pedagogical factors of educational effectiveness at different levels
  • Topical issues of education in secondary and higher education
  • Problems of psychological education
  • Psychological health of participants in the educational process
  • Intercultural adaptation and communication in the modern educational space
  • Cross-cultural studies in education
  • Self-realization of the individual in the educational space

Leading specialists in the field of education, young researchers and students will disclose the psychological and pedagogical problems of the educational environment in Russia and abroad and formulate strategies for solving these problems.

The International Scientific and Practical Conference plans to become a traditional large international forum for discussing the problems and prospects for the development of higher education, which brings together leading scientists from Russia, CIS countries, Europe and Asia.


Contact: O.Mikhailova,

tel: + 7-906-701-0-22;


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