«Stereoelectronic chameleons - as donors become acceptors and vice versa»
«Stereoelectronic chameleons - as donors become acceptors and vice versa»
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26 Oct 2017
Direction: Science
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Sergey Zurabovich Vatsadze - Professor of RAS and Lomonosov MSU, Doctor, Deputy Head of the Department of Organic Chemistry, author of more than 100 papers and 2 patents.

In his lecture Professor Vatsadze will talk about the concept of stereoelectronic chameleons - the functional groups of organic, inorganic and organoelement compounds, which exhibit both donor and acceptor properties.

Under certain conditions, the same functional groups of chemical compounds can exhibit the properties of both donors and electron-density acceptors. The manifestation of a specific effect is determined by the spatial arrangement of the fragments of the molecule relative to its main part or by the interposition of two or more interacting molecules. Electronic effects of functional groups play a crucial role in understanding the structural features and reactivity of organic, inorganic and organoelement compounds.

26 October, 2017, 14.30

Audience 102, st. Ordzhonikidze, 3, building of the Faculty of Science.

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