Events and Invitations
29 - 30 Nov
The VIII All-Russian Scientific-Practical Conference "Modern Aspects of Hematology and Hepatology"
The conference was organized by the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, the National Medical Research Radiology Center, P.A. Herzen Moscow Oncology Research Institute.
Direction: Medicine
Event format: Сonference
16 - 18 Nov
The VI All-Russian Seminar «Reproductive Potential of Russia: Kazan Readings»
Kazan readings are an important information platform for discussing many controversial and complex issues, based on which the experts have the opportunity to share experiences, learn about news and achievements. The event is also of social importance, as it is aimed at enhancing the quality of medical care and improving the work of the maternity and childhood protection service.
Direction: Medicine
Event format: Seminar
25 - 27 Oct
The V Interdisciplinary Forum with International Participation «Cervix and Vulvovaginal Diseases. Aesthetic Gynecology»
Currently, there is an almost explosive increase in the incidence of cervical, vulvovaginal and crotch disorders in general, including precancerous and cancerous ones. In Russia cervical cancer is the second among cancer diseases among 15-44-year-old women. Such high relevance of the problem makes it incredibly important for the country as a whole to rapidly introduce in practice everything new that world science accumulates.
Direction: Medicine
Event format: Forum