Events and Invitations
28 - 29 Oct
International conference «Digital Innovation and global business in the face of new challenges»
The international conference in 2020 is being held for the second year in a row. However, the history of holding international topical events on the basis of the Institute of World Economy (IMEB) of the RUDN University goes back many years. Until 2019, they had the status of international conferences. Each year, the IMEB acted as a platform for discussing the most pressing issues of the global economy.
27 - 28 Oct
III International Conference on Migration «Migration and Global Challenges of the Third Millennium»
The international conference "Migration and Global Challenges of the Third Decade of the 21st Century" has been held at the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia every year since 2018. with the expert support of the Council of Europe.
22 Oct
Lecture "Features of in situ crystallization of organoelement compounds that are liquids at room temperature"
Crystallization was performed on the example of organic silicon derivatives in situ. They are widely used in industry and medicine.
21 Oct
Lecture "Ultrasound-promoted polymer-analogous transformations of chitin and chitosan, antimicrobial activity of the obtained derivatives and their-based new materials"
The lecture will focus on possibility of promoting of a number of organic transformations in the chemistry of chitin and chitosan by ultrasound and others.
21 - 23 Oct
International scientific and practical conference «Technologies of Mechanical Engineering, Energy and Land Transport»
International scientific and practical conference with the participation of Russian and foreign scientists, bachelors and masters of the departments of the Academy of Engineering and the Institute of Space Technologies.
Direction: Life in RUDN
Event format: Сonference
20 Oct
All-Russian Youth Analytical Forum
Increasing the expert and analytical potential of young people is a key factor in Russia's sustainable development and security. The All-Russian Youth Analytical Forum is held under the motto: "Analytics for the good of society and the state."
Direction: Life in RUDN
Event format: Forum
14 - 16 Oct
IV International Congress of teachers and heads of preparatory faculties of Russian universities
About 500 representatives of the professional community will participate in the Congress: teachers and heads of preparatory faculties (departments) of universities, educational specialists from 60 cities of the Russian Federation - from Blagoveshchensk to Kaliningrad, guests from 20 countries (Italy, Spain, France, Hungary, Poland, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, China, Turkey, Morocco, Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia, Georgia, etc.).