Events and Invitations
5 Apr
Master-class “Cooperation of creative and technical disciplines in modern Germany: trends and prospects”
Nadin Reinhart, head of the department of general education at the Dresden Technical University (Germany) and A. Yakovlev, researcher at the Dresden Technical University (Germany), address students of the Institute of Foreign Languages. During the event, students get the opportunity to communicate directly with employers, determine directions for further practical activity, and find out answers to questions of interest on further employment and work.
Direction: Career
Event format: Olympiad
1 - 6 Apr
The final stage of the All-Russian School Olympiad in the Russian language
The All-Russian School Olympiad has 4 stages: school, municipal, regional and final. The final stage is also for the best students of grades 9-11, while winners and prize-winners of the final stage in 2017-2018 are also invited to participate, regardless of the number of points this year.
Direction: Education
Event format: Olympiad