Events and Invitations


27 Apr
Scientific seminar “Hyperbolic differential-difference equations with nonlocal potentials”
We construct a three-parameter family of smooth solutions for a two-dimensional hyperbolic differential-difference equation considered in a half-plane and containing the sum of a differential operator and shift operators with respect to a spatial variable varying on the entire real axis.
22 Apr
Seminar “Biotransport Mechanisms in Adaptive Immunity (in English)”
Lymph nodes are immune information collection and transfer junctions, where immune cells are housed in sufficient numbers and varieties to develop effective immune responses. It is therefore the job of the lymphatic system to gather information, including free antigen, antigen presenting cells, cytokines and other immune cells/signals, from the periphery and deliver them to the node for further processing.
20 Apr
Seminar “Elliptic and parabolic equations of the second order with nonstandard growth condition”
A brief review of the results on the regularity of solutions for quasilinear elliptic and parabolic equations of the second order type of p-Laplacian with a variable exponent p will be given.
20 Apr
Scientific seminar “Resolvent method for holomorphic mappings and semigroups”
In the hundred and fifty year period since their discovery, numerous extensions and generalizations of the classical Denjoy-Wolff Theorem, Schwarz and Schwarz–Pick Lemmas, Julia’s Lemma, Julia-Wolff Carathéodory Theorem have appeared in their connections with complex analysis, complex dynamical systems and geometric function theory. Ideas generated by these now classical results continue to attract attention of mathematicians to this day.
15 Apr
Seminar “Some methods of algebra and analysis in mathematical biology”
The report is intended to consider methods for studying algebraic equations and systems of nonlinear algebraic equations with many unknowns (including the method of elimination using the resultant, separation methods).
13 Apr
Scientific seminar “Stationary solutions of the Vlasov-Poisson system and plasma confinement in a tokamak”
In this lecture we consider the Vlasov-Poisson system for two-component high-temperature plasma with external magnetic field in a tokamak. If a considerable part of particles reaches the boundary, this can lead to destruction of the reactor.
8 Apr
Seminar “Natural hazards in the South of Russia: events, observations and perspective tasks”
The presentation provides brief information: about the Southern Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences, whose employees were direct witnesses of these events, conducted research on the spot; about each of the listed events; approaches to monitoring, hazards forecasting and risk assessment; tasks to be solved.
6 Apr
Scientific seminar “On volumes of hyperbolic polytopes”
The talk will provide an overview of recent results on the theory of volumes of hyperbolic polytopes. In the first part of the lecture, our focus will be on the application of the scheme for the proof of the Sforza formula for the volume of an arbitrary non-Euclidean tetrahedron to the calculation of the volume of a hyperbolic orthoscheme and an octahedron with 4|m-symmetry. In the second part, we will consider Sabitov's method for calculating hyperbolic volumes, based on the multidimensional Stokes formula, and the application of this method to cyclic polytopes.
1 Apr
Seminar “Mathematical Modeling of Inflammatory Processes of Atherosclerosis”
Atherosclerosis is a chronic disease which involves the build up of cholesterol and fatty deposits within the inner lining of the artery. It is associated with a progressive thickening and hardening of the arterial wall that result in narrowing of the vessel lumen and restriction of blood flow to vital organs.