Refresher training in the CIS and far abroad countries
Refresher training in the CIS and far abroad countries
The event passed
1 Aug - 31 Oct 2018
Direction: Education
Contact person
Svetlana Yurmanova, Dean of the Faculty for Advanced Training of teachers of Russian as a foreign language
About the event

The main goal is professional development of teachers and maintenance of the required level of substantive and meta-subject competencies, as well as ensuring the compliance of teachers' qualifications with the changing conditions of professional activity and social environment.

The delegations for the implementation of the programs will include experts from the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia - Russian language professors, specialists in subject areas of the Faculty of the Russian Language and General educational disciplines, the Faculty of Advanced Training of Teachers of Russian as a Foreign Language, the Faculty of Philology, the Engineering Academy, the Law Institute, the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and the Medical Institute.

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