Scientific seminar of post-doc Gaddam Krishna «First Total Synthesis of Furanocembranoid-1»
Scientific seminar of post-doc Gaddam Krishna «First Total Synthesis of Furanocembranoid-1»
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15 Oct 2019
Moscow, Ordzhonikidze st., 3, room 102, Faculty of science
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Knyazeva Elena
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  • Isolation and medicinal importance: In 2007, Khanitha Pudhom et al. isolated a class of furanocembranoids1 1 (Figure 1) from the hexane extract of croton oblengifolius roxb sp. Furanocembranoids-1 showed cytotoxicities againest BT474 (human breast ductol carcinoma), CHAGO (human undifferentiate lung carcinoma), Hep-G2 (human liver hepatoblastoma), KATO-3 (human gastric carcinoma) and SW-6 (human colon adrenocarcinoma).
  • Retrosynthetic analysis: The presence of two stereogenic centers and a network of diverse and distributed functionalities on its novel framework and together with its potential bioactivity, make furanocembranoid-1 a challenging and attractive target molecule for synthetic chemists. Strategically, the most challenging problem is the construction of the furan ring system as well as the asymmetric centers bearing an isopropyl group and Tran’s double bonds. The total synthesis of Furanocembranoid -1 involves mainly stereoselective Evan’s aldol reaction; Sharpless epoxidation; HWE olefination; Julia olefination and Ring-closing metathesis.

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