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05 Dec 2019
RUDN engineers met with employers at a round table

On November 26, the Department of Subsoil Use and Oil and Gas Affairs of the RUDN University Engineering Academy held a Round Table “Updating educational programs, organizing practices, and employment prospects” with the participation of employers.

Life in RUDN
14 Aug 2019
“When we dance in London, the whole world admires us!” - Valentina Ryazanova, Head of Isadora Dance Studio, RUDN University

Fans of “free dance” from different parts of the world met on August 1-4, in London (UK) at the Isadora Duncan International Symposium (IDIS), dedicated to the heritage of Isadora Duncan. The Isadora dance studio of RUDN Interclub, led by Honored Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation Valentina Ryazanova, took part in workshops and master classes, and also visited places that inspired the famous dancer.

31 Jul 2019
Postdoc from the Тomsk State University visits the Institute of Applied Mathematics and Communications Technology of the RUDN University

A new postdoc appeared at the Institute of Applied Mathematics and Communications Technology of the RUDN University, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Ekaterina Lisovskaya.

06 Jun 2019
What stands behind sign language in Italian: Daniele Donati reveals the secrets of sign language to RUDN students

May 29, Daniele Donati, Academic Director for Teaching Italian Language at Italian Language School for Foreign Students at Campus Magnolie, became a guest of the RUDN Institute of Foreign Languages.

20 May 2019
On the features of working in the state civil service first-hand: RUDN students met with a representative of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Russia

How to enter the state civil service, how the personnel reserve is formed, how the principles of personnel policy in the state civil service are changing - this and many other things were discussed with graduate students of the undergraduate and graduate programs in the direction of “State and municipal administration”, discussed by Alexander Brusov, head of the policy department at public service and the development methodology of the municipal service of the Department of state policy in the field of public and municipal services, countermeasure to corruption, the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation, at the roundtable "Human resources of the civil service".

08 May 2019
RUDN Chemists Developed Eco-Friendly Nanocomposites from Fruit and Berry Peel for Water Purification, Qualitative Analysis, and Catalysis of Organic Reactions

A RUDN chemist synthesized nanomaterials for water purification, catalysis of organic reactions and sensors. The substances were developed on the basis of porous carbon with iron oxide and nitrogen particles. The article was published in Applied Surface Science.

29 Apr 2019
Negotiation skills from professionals: BGS Group expert on the intricacies of international negotiations

To master the art of negotiation by BGS Group in order to become successful - this was the goal of the business game in English from BGS Group. On April 24, a business game in English "Learn to negotiate at the international level" was held at RUDN University.

Life in RUDN
29 Apr 2019
From idea to reality: students develop social projects at RUDN Volunteer School

40 students, 4 teams, 4 projects and one common goal - to help others. Participants in the on-site Volunteer School developed projects to promote volunteering at the university, a reward system for volunteers, and help foreign students adapt and learn Russian.

22 Apr 2019
School for future masters students “Is journalism a science?”

The school for future masters students “Is journalism a science?” was held from April 17 to April 20, 2019, on the base of the Faculty of Philology.

29 Mar 2019
Requirements of employers for young specialists: medical students met with the President of the Association of Private Dental Clinics

On March 27, 2019, a meeting of graduate students with representatives of private dental clinics in Moscow and the Moscow Region and representatives of the Dental Association of Russia (STAR) on the topic “Requirements of employers for young professionals. The role of primary accreditation ”led by the President of the Association of Private Dental Clinics, the General Director of dental clinics in Moscow, a member of the Public Council of Rospotrebnadzor, an expert from Roszdravnadzor, and a candidate of medical sciences Gennady Bragin.

28 Mar 2019
Career start: medical students were told about the opportunities and prospects of working in outpatient care

43 students of the RUDN Medical Institute met with the leadership of the Diagnostic Clinical Center No. 1, the leading outpatient clinic in Moscow. The guests of the meeting spoke about the benefits of working on an outpatient basis during their residency - a flexible schedule, immersion in the work of the institution, and the possibility of conducting scientific work.