Events and Invitations
30 Apr - 13 May
Competition of school projects in the Humanities, socio-economic, natural science, medical and biological
Within the frameworks of the RUDN Competitiveness Enhancement Program among the world’s leading research and educational centers (Project 5-100) and the Program for the Integrated Modernization of the RUDN University, an annual School Project Contest on humanitarian, socio-economic, natural science, biomedical and technical profiles for high school students of Moscow and Moscow region “Science starts at school-2020” will be held at RUDN University.
Direction: Science
Event format: Competition
23 Apr
Seminar on mathematical modeling in biology and medicine on topic “Mathematical modeling of the cardiovascular system and applications in medicine”
Speaker: Simakov Sergey, Associate Professor, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
23 Apr
Seminar «Combinatorics, algebraic topology and volumes of polyhedral»
Speaker: Grigory Solomadin, RUDN University
23 - 24 Apr
5th International Conference on Contemporary Education, Social Sciences and Humanities. (Philosophy of Being Human as the Core of Interdisciplinary Research)
The aim of the Conference is to provide a shared platform for academics, scholars, PhD students, and graduate students with different cultural backgrounds to present and discuss research, developments and innovations in the fields of contemporary education, social sciences and humanities.
21 Apr
Seminar on nonlinear problems of PDE and mathematical physics on topic “Dynamics of the quantum state space which is generated by Cauchy problem for nonlinear Schrodinger equation”
Speaker:  Doctor of, professor Sakbaev V. Zh. ( Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology)
14 Apr
Scientific seminar on the differential and functional differential equation on topic “Study of Volterra integro-differential equations arising in viscoelasticity theory”
Speaker: Rautian N.A., Vlasov V.V., Moscow State University.
13 - 17 Apr
Information and Telecommunication Technologies and Mathematical Modeling of High-Tech Systems 2020 (ITTMM 2020)
X Conference (with international participation) "Information and Telecommunication Technologies and Mathematical Modeling of High-Tech Systems" (within the framework of the 56th Conference on Mathematics, Informatics, Physics and Chemistry).